Gascony vineyards, total pleasure



The mildness of the climate, the radiant light over rolling landscapes and the sunny disposition of its people…all this makes Gascony the birthplace of sharing and conviviality. This vocation has been perpetuated for more than 1600 years through vineyards that were already renowned in Ancient Roman times. The Romans were no fools…won over by this infinity of hills and valleys long dedicated to the art of wine-making! Geographical influences bring all their specificities to the vineyards here. The generosity of Pyrenean lands combined with the iodine of Atlantic sea spray have given rise to the subtle, light and wonderfully fruity tones that issue from this terroir. Then all it takes is the know-how of our cellar masters to produce the most refreshing wines. 



To be tasted as D’Artagnan’s Musketeers insisted: in good company.