Côtes de gascogne


100% Gascon Legend


Since the dawn of time, the land of Gascony has given birth to wines and heroes, both light-hearted and bon vivant.  Today Capédépée. Yesterday D’Artagnan, a kind-hearted fighter who established his legend in 1657 a as Musketeer of King Louis XIV. A Gascony cadet, disinherited but free, D’Artagnan regained fortune and noble pleasures at sword-point; as though being born in Gascony was proof of character!


The story continues with Capédépée. Its sole quest: to conquer your palate with the panache of a true Musketeer.
Savour the elegance and mystery of the flavours enclosed in every mouthful, relive with Capédépée   more than 1600 years of a unique terroir.